Jumat, 05 April 2013

Too many questions about diet, exercise and weight loss

Where to start?
At the beginning there was fat and fat was good and we ate it … well … with gusto (and other sauces) … and we grew to larger proportions. And then we wanted to be less that we had become, and so we paid others to tell us what to eat (or don’t) and how to get around (or not) and when doing this. And which supplements and foods to eat more foods to eat less … and where it got us?

We eat food, eat fast food, eat food, bio-engineering, eat food and food products from GM animals and GM plants, we eat foods that have been chemically altered, consume poisons and we wonder why our health is suffering.

How can we begin to change our habits and patterns when we are inundated with misinformation continues everywhere that we go. Fast food companies want us to incredible and don’t wait (although we seem to wait in their command lines and back to collect what we ordered). We go to gyms and other forms of exercise and are “motivated” or “mis-motivated” by people who don’t take our circumstances or limitations into account, is all about “just do it” and not “do what you can today and tomorrow a little more” and so feel sick and eat more.

Is a solution?
My solution is to choose what I eat things I cook (not a package) and move myself in ways that do not over-stress my ailing parts and improve my parties ill. Take some supplements that seem to be beneficial (found a new this week-for anti-aging). We’ve been doing Pilates and just entered into gold gym so I can do it my way. My commercial choices tend to prefer things called “organic” or “natural” and I hate the fact that they think I should pay more.

Good health and good eating habits begin in that wonderful place called “between the ears and behind your eyes” and which is the beginning of someone’s journey to wellness. I want to say it more simply? Ok… YOU WILL WANT TO CHANGE BEFORE SIGNIFICANT CHANGE WILL OCCUR. This means you need to stop drinking the stuff with “high fructose corn syrup” and stop eating things with chemical names can’t pronounce and stop using products with chemical names cannot pronounce (any product that has a thing with “laureth,” in the name is a poison). You must take control of your life and your existence and wants to have, be and do better.

Your task, should you choose to accept!!!
Make a small change in your life. Drink less soda or use less sweetener or eat a little less “stuff from the box, can or freezer” and see if you can replace these with “better choices” like green tea do (go buy some) or something that will change what you eat. And then, to move a little more usually do. Walk around the block, go to a mall and walk (if you live in a hot or cold spot, and then find the one indoors). Make your own difference-stop eating at fast food places, find a traditional or ethnic. Eat better and live happier.

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