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Low level Laser therapy: effective hair loss treatment?

Since the origin of modern hair, countless doctors, pharmaceutical companies and entrepreneurs claim to have found a “cure” for baldness. This is an ointment, cream, pill or physical device, these ‘ miracle ‘ products often reach tragically expectation and balding men and women optimistically awaiting the next presumed miracle product.

The birth of the Laser Hair loss treatment

In 1967, while researching potential treatments for skin cancer, researchers in Hungary incidentally discovered what many at the time labeled the hair loss cure by miracle “next”: low level Laser Therapy (LLLT). In an effort to analyze the role of laser treatment and skin cancer, Hungarian researchers shaved the back of infected mice and cancer patients treated with laser treatments. While the effect on cancer was inconclusive, the researchers noticed something interesting: the laser-treated mice (vs placebo or untreated group) re-shaved hair grew faster. Hence the idea of LLLT as a potential treatment of hair loss.

How does Laser therapy works in humans?

So, how does the laser treatment to stop baldness and is effectively outside the laboratory rat model?

Laser therapy at precise wavelengths and proper, is proposed in order to penetrate the patient’s skin and stimulate a variety of healing and self-restoring property. In patients suffering from thinning hair, low-level laser treatment works allegedly penetrating (only pre-determined wavelengths) of the scalp and stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles, inhibiting the formation of prostaglandins and encouraging direct activity of the hair follicle. In theory, this process should stimulate hair growth and hair loss patients reverse progressive baldness. Laser treatment can be delivered through a special apparatus in a doctor’s Office or at home using a comb “laser” or “cap.”

What experts say about hair restoration doctor

While understanding the proposed mechanism of therapy is one thing, still leaves a significant unanswered question: does LLLT to stop baldness?

Although medicine and science is often accurate and conclusive, low level laser, such as a hair loss treatment, is an area of uncertainty and debate. Many hair restoration experts consider LLLT is a pointless procedure and does not produce significant results. These skeptics argue the laser beam, even at an appropriate wavelength, not penetrate the scalp and, therefore, cannot possibly presumed results. In addition, these individuals believe that objective images “before and after” of low-level laser patients do not demonstrate aesthetically significant results.

However, other experts in hair restoration physician agree and believe both the scientific and objective test results demonstrate the effectiveness of laser hair restoration as a treatment for baldness.


So, what is the final verdict? Is a low level laser therapy hair loss treatment effective, or falls short of meeting the expectations of a patient?

Altogether, there is no consensus among doctors of world-renowned hair restoration on low level laser as treatment for thinning hair. Some experts believe is valid and produces significant results, while others believe that LLLT is overhyped at best and fraudulent at worst.

Because the low-level laser therapy, despite it’s recent FDA clearance to substantially equivalent devices is still controversial among the leading experts on hair, those who consider trying laser hair restoratoin should probably use in combination with more proven treatments like Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil).

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