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Colonoscopy/endoscopy explained

Ah … the infamous colonoscopy. Something oh so familiar to most of us with IBD, but shrouded in mystery for others.

First of all, what is a colonoscopy? According to Wikipidea, colonoscopy is the minimally invasive endoscopic examination of the large colon and the distal part of the small intestine with a fiber optic camera on a flexible tube passed through the anus.» Um … the camera ano = “minimally invasive” … I’m not sure who wrote that but I would assume they never had one. So basically, they stick a camera where the sun don’t shine so they can have a look at what’s going on up there and what is causing your pain or bleeding, or whatever caused them to attack that camera up there.

For the most part, this sounds a bit uncomfortable and not something that you would like to do for fun. Well … in all honesty is not so bad. For those who have been through this a couple of times we can tell you that preparing for a colonoscopy is much worse than colonoscopy. So, lets talk about the prep.

Since we are going to have pictures of our colon taken sensible and would be quite useful, if there was no “shit” in your colon to the small camera out of the way. So yes, we’re going to have to clean out and clean it well. Methods for doing this will vary based on your physician, but most involve drinking a really tasty cocktails, taking laxatives and possibly an enema. Oh yeah, not eating or … Since we are trying to cleanse the colon and it makes no sense to put more stuff in it. The preparation usually begins with a clear liquid diet about 24 hours before the colonoscopy and then laxatives and tasty cocktails some time later.

Time for a couple of tips: make sure you have a stack of magazines good or a good book. In addition, spending for the expensive toilet paper. And finally …Do not stray far from the bathroom cause once you take a laxative and drink your cocktail and the porcelain God are to become close friends for the next few hours.

Having an appointment for a colonoscopy in the wee hours of the morning is highly recommended by yours truly. The reason for this is that you get to eat again very soon. Once the preparation, the rest is cake. To start, will start an IV and vi will be mildly sedated. Throw on the left side and that is usually the last thing I remember until you wake up. During a colonoscopy, the doctor will be able to do all kinds of great things with that part of her. First of all he will get a great look at your colon. He or she will also be able to take a biopsy and remove any polyps. Above all I hope that they will find the cause of symptoms.

You will need someone to drive home how will be slightly “wasted” from sedation after colonoscopy and you will not be able to drive or use heavy machinery for the rest of the day. The colonoscopy results usually are available right there and then with the exception of the results of the biopsy that usually take a couple of days.

And that’s all …Is all there is to it. By far the worst part is the preparation, but once you make it through that the worst is behind you. And be sure to go somewhere is really good for lunch that day as a reward for having it! One more thing …Make sure you smile to those images; )

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